Brewerytown Living Gets Letters…

Era Bar interior… from the owner of Era Bar:

On 7/27/11 3:21 PM, “Era Bar/Restaurant” wrote:

I just want to say you guys are amazing! 
I really like how you help familiarize everyone with each other, and promote small businesses in the process. 
You’ve hosted 1 event here, and it was great. Sales were better than our average Sunday and, moreover, we 
met new neighbors that we weren’t previously familiar with. Hopefully all the other small businesses in Brewerytown have benefited equally from your help.

Thank you, and keep up the good work for the neighborhood!. 

Come out to Era for our next party there!

The Performing Arts Make Their way into Brewerytown

On July 11th Calais Michelle, founder of 215 Arts Incubator, hosted a community discussion with Brewerytown locals. The 215 Arts Incubator is a Philadelphia based program, set up to support upcoming and emerging artists in all mediums. This includes providing cheap studio space, galleries to show finished products, and an artistic community to both help and criticize these hopeful young talents.
215 Arts Incubator has properties throughout Philadelphia, and is currently working on a location in Brewerytown. The Plan is to move a Theatre and Restaurant into the neighborhood, but not the same Theatre that one would find downtown.
The meeting was focused around the installation of a place where young aspiring playwrights could put on short comedies, with the hope of spreading their names within the literary crowd.
This neighborhood does not have anything along these lines, so the idea of a play house is definitely something to get excited about.

More to Come…

Farm Stand at 27th and Girard July 23rd

Tired of sorting through the grocery store’s produce section and seeing labels from Ohio and California? Do you know exactly where your food is coming from, and who grew it? If the answer to this question is no, then come join us at the West Girard Farmstand and Health table every Saturday this summer until November 19th.
The Farmstand is sponsored by the Farm to City program, where locals are given a chance to meet their farmers, and really feel connected with the food that goes into their bodies.
This specific Farmstand is connected with Mr. John King, an Amish farmer who supplies the stand with his best produce at a reasonable price.
The Farmstand also offers a fine selection of breads at a reasonable price, bought from Metropolitan Bakery. The Metropolitan bread is cash only, so please bring some money with you, but the produce section accepts senior vouchers, WIC Farmers Market Produce Coupons, and cash, of course.
The produce is guaranteed fresh and reasonably priced, so please come out on Saturday morning and get some quality goods.
The farmers expect to be sold out by 1pm, so if you plan on coming out, you might have to cut your Friday a little short. Hope to see you all out this week.

Thank You to the Mini Q’s

First and foremost, thank you all for coming out. We put on these concerts to get people excited about Brewerytown, and last night’s show did just that.
At 6:30pm a small crowd began congregating, consisting of individuals from all walks of life. There were people with beach chairs, others with dogs, and a serious population of folks rolling up on bikes.
The Mini Q’s began playing at 7:00pm, going straight from a tuning session into their first number. The crowd immediately reacted, stopping conversations mid sentence. Heads could be seen bopping along with the bass drum, with others twirling each other around to the beat.
By 7:15pm there was a substantial amount of spectators at 31st and Girard. It was around this time that Gigi and Big R’s food truck arrived, bringing with them a plethora of Jamaican soul food options, including: jerk chicken, fried fish, brown stew chicken, and oxtail. It took them a few minutes to begin service, but once their window was open, the line was never empty.
Members of the audience could be seen attempting to eat and dance simultaneously, a true sight to behold. The event was a great success, minus the rain that came about 45 minutes into the Mini Q’s set. People hung out for as long as possible, but eventually the rain became too much, and the event was called early.
The Mini Q’s showed interest in doing a make-up concert sometime next month, given the shortness of the show due to rain. So, if you were unable to make it out, there will be other chances to hear their music.
Again everybody, thank you, thank you, thank you for coming out, and hopefully next time we can get some better weather.

Clothing Swap at Mugshots in Brewerytown

Tired of wearing the same boring clothes everyday? Want an opportunity to spice up your wardrobe? Well, here is your chance. Mugshots Coffeehouse and Cafe at 2831 Girard Ave is hosting a Clothing Swap, where locals are invited to bring clothes that no longer fit, or that are generally unworn, with the hope that others will find them appealing.
Everybody has their favorite garments, and can’t wait for laundry day just to have a chance to wear them again. This is an opportunity to expand upon everybody’s favorite clothes list, while ridding yourself of the outfits that have been pushed to the back of the closet. The event begins at 6PM, but if you are bringing clothes, we ask you to come around 5:30, so as to price your merchandise, and give trade-in credit.
This should be a lot of fun, and an exciting time to hang out in the air conditioning, giving everyone a rest from the summer heat. Hope to see you there!!

MINI Q’S Perform July 19th at 7pm

The Mini Q’s are a jazz/funk fusion band, and will perform at 7pm on July 19th. The show will take place at Veteran’s Memorial Park at 31st and Girard Ave.
Initially the group was a duo, with guitarist Ben O’neill, who was nominated for a Grammy for his work on Eric Roberson’s hit “A Tale of Two”, and Luke O’reilly, famed keyboard player, who has worked with ledgendary artists such as Carol Riddick and Roy Ayers. The duo held down Monday nights at Marmont, but were not receiving the money they wanted, so went in search of a drummer who could give the group a classical jazz vibe.
They decided upon Brett Baker, who has done percussion for Jay-Z, Kanye West and Eminem, with the hope of solidifying their sound. His input was exactly what the group needed, going on to hold down Monday nights at Marmont from 2004-2007.
The group played their last show on April 28 2008, at Philly hot spot Silk City. The group received raving reviews from fans, but members of the group went on to do personal projects.
Brewerytown Living, a commuity building organization, asked the group to do one last show, and all members of the group agreed to come on board.
The group offers up jazz classics, original jazz/funk fusion, and otherwise groovin music. The event will have food trucks at the ready, and great local music for folks to enjoy while sitting in the park.

Want to Work in Brewerytown?

Looking for a job in the non profit world? Well this is a big opportunity to work in Brewerytown, while participating in it’s revitalization! The Brewerytown CDC is searching for an Assistant Executive Director. Here’s some info:

Position Title: Assistant Executive Director

Reports to: Board of Directors

Description: The Assistant Executive Director works with the Board of GBCDC to build awareness of the GBCDC and its programming and increase volunteerism in the Brewerytown area. The Assistant Executive Director is responsible for managing all communications and outreach efforts to the residents of the Brewerytown Neighborhood. This position is key to engaging residents in the work of the GBCDC and helping to improve the quality of life for all of the residents in Brewerytown. In addition, this position will involve supervising staff, volunteers and interns, grant writing, and reporting to funders.

If you get the job, you know you’ll want to walk to work!

Lemon Hill, 4th of July, 2011

As we hinted, we spent the 4th of July holiday in Brewerytown on top of Lemon Hill. The day was fantastic, and the fireworks were spectacular!

4th of July!

So the 4th of July is kind of a big deal, right? Well, it’s an even bigger deal in Brewerytown, where the crowds come early and leave late for the Art Museum located festivities. This year promises to be far more impressive and fun than past years, as Philadelphia’s finest, The Roots are in charge of music. No more Goo Goo Dolls nonsense!

But, just for you Brewerytown Living insiders, here’s a tip: if you want to see the fireworks in their full glory, but don’t want to brave the Parkway crowds, head out to the top of Lemon Hill. The picnic’ers tend to leave around dark, so you’ll have the place to yourself, and the fireworks look magnificent bursting into color over the treetops! You might even see this writer out there.

Whatever you do this weekend, have fun, and enjoy the holiday!!

What is a “Yappy” Hour?

We all get to 6 PM needing some sort of refreshment after a hard day’s work, and the same goes for our beloved dogs. It’s not easy guarding the house all day, barking at the mailman, etc; that type of stress can take a lot out of a canine. The Doggie Yappy Hour is Brewerytown Living’s way of giving back to those who give us so much.

So, on Tuesday July 26th at 6 PM, please come out to the big grassy lot at 31st and Girard to let your dog run free, enjoy activities provided by Central Bark and Opportunity Barks and eat a treat (or two). Now, we don’t want only the dogs to be refreshed, so there will also be some people friendly snacks and drinks provided by the Brewerytown location of Mugshots CoffeeHouse.

This is what living in Brewerytown is all about. Hope to see you there!

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